Enfamil A+, Infant Formula, Stage 1 (1.8kg) Bundle of 2
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Scientifically formulated with 17mg DHA & 34mg ARA per 100 kcal, which helps to meet recommendations* for daily DHA & ARA intake for infants 0-6 months. DHA & ARA are important building blocks for brain and eye development in babies. Choline helps support overall mental and physical development. Unique blend of PDX (Polydextrose) and GOS. Prebiotic (GOS) stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal flora to maintain a healthy digestive system. *FAO/WHO recommends daily DHA intake of 0.1-0.18%E and ARA intake of 0.2-0.3%E for infant 0- 6 months.

Reference: FAO 2010. Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food Nutrition Paper No.91.FAO: Rome.


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