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For Children (above 6 years)


For Children (above 6 years)

The right stimulation and nutrition can help unleash your child’s limitless potential.

With more than 100 years of paediatric nutrition experience, Mead Johnson has formulated Enfagrow A+ with 360° DHA PLUS. It is scientifically formulated with nutrients which are important for overall mental and physical development.

Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 (1.8kg) BUNDLE OF 2! Sale−2%
Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 (1.8kg) BUNDLE OF 3! Sale−5%
Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 (900g)
Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 (1.8kg) Bundle of 6 Product Image Sale−6%
Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 (1.8kg)